INTERREG EUROPE “RETRACE” PROJECT: European cooperation for the circular economy

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The INTERREG_EUROPE “RETRACE” project provides for cooperation - over a four-year period (2016-2020) - between partners from other European regions: Piedmont region – Italy, Slovenia, northeast Romania, the province of Biscay and the Nouvelle Aquitaine region of France.

For Nouvelle Aquitaine, the project will be spearheaded by two organisations, ESTIA and APESA, which are responsible for marshalling partners in the region and coordinating project initiatives.

The project’s main aims include:

  • Capitalise on the various initiatives implemented by the project’s regional contributors via a series of journeys with the aim of producing an illustrated practical guide to the circular economy.
  • Understand the initiatives in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, capitalise and analyse existing best practices relating to the circular economy applied by associations, businesses and/or other organisations.
  • Build a dynamic with local partners, in order to develop and implement public policies that can be rolled out more widely. This dynamic has been emerging since April 2016, driven by a holistic diagnostic assessment and a series of meetings.

This video provides an overview of the project’s partners and field initiatives. 

For more information: 


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