The RECITA project

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The RECITA project


The extent to which we draw on natural resources far exceeds the earth's biocapacity, or its ability to regenerate renewable resources, to provide non-renewable resources and to absorb waste.

Providing support for the transition to a new model of ecological and social economic development - the circular economy - is one of the goals of the regional road map.

To disconnect economic growth from natural resource depletion, positive value loops should be developed for each use or refurbishment of the material or product before its final destruction.

This development is based on technological, economic, organizational and social innovation.

In this context, collaboration is one of the key levers for success of the circular economy in the Aquitaine region of France. The RECITA platform is an essential tool for networking the people involved. 


The aim of the collaborative platform


RECITA aims to disseminate the concept of circular economy, news, and the know-how and potential of the region as a whole. It allows culture to be shared among stakeholders. This collaborative platform aims to identify people, resources, and initiatives, and to encourage them to network throughout the area so as to create a regional circular economy ecosystem.

The objectives of the platform:

  • Bring together companies, and socio-economic and institutional stakeholders wanting to develop the circular economy in the Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes area
  • Showcase regional experience and strengths,
  • Share a circular economy culture,
  • Provide a tool for encouraging the development of collaborative projects,
  • Make available:

-          Regional and national news on the topic

-          Initiatives and feedback

-          A network of stakeholders and places for discussion

-          A document library, tools and methods

This platform is open to all those working in social and economic fields: companies, local authorities, researchers, networks, civil society, etc.



Why should I sign up to the RECITA platform?


Once you have signed up, a range of services and "network"actions is available to you: 

  • You can follow news of the circular economy and post articles,
  • You are identified as someone who is committed to the circular economy and you can join project communities,
  • You can participate in the network and build partnerships,
  • You can have access to tools and methodologies for implementing projects;
  • You can obtain feedback on the initiative of companies or local authorities,
  • You can communicate about your projects and your achievements regionally and internationally.